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2024 Poultry Ordering

Looking for pasture raised free range chicken or turkey. 

We are offering local, ethically raised poultry that is delicious, healthy, and free of antibiotics & hormones. We work hard to maintain the highest quality and care of our animals and land so that you get the best tasting products. We are committed to pasturing our animals and giving them all great and healthy lives.

We sell our products through pre-ordering requiring a deposit of $5 per chicken and $25 per turkey at

Once you place your order, we raise your product on the farm's fields in chicken tractors.  The chicken tractors allow us to provide fresh grass, weeds, and bugs to the poultry twice a day and the chickens provide the fields with nitrogen and phosphorus-rich manure.  Once the birds obtain the optimal weight, the poultry is processed and packaged for pickup. At pickup, the amount of the deposit will be deducted from your final bill for the processed poultry. We offer Cornish Cross chickens; and Broad Breasted white turkeys.


As with previous years, you have the option of requesting poultry raised with Non-GMO Soy-free Feed. However, due to the cost of this special feed, there will be additional cost for the processed poultry. The regular processed chickens are $3.50 per pound and the Non-GMO Soy-Free processed chickens are $4.50 per pound. The regular processed turkeys are $4.25 per pound, and the Non-GMO Soy-free processed turkeys are $5.25 per pound. The processed chickens will average 4 to 7 pounds and the processed turkeys will average 15 to 25 pounds.


Give it a try and you'll never go back to store bought poultry.


Please visit to pre-order your poultry today.

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