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There is nothing better than local, free range turkey. Our Broad Breasted White Turkeys are tender, juicy and packed with flavor that is associated with Thanksgiving!  The processed turkeys will average 18 to 25 pounds.  Our toms have been known to be around 38 pounds and our hens can eaisily reach 22 pounds. We raise a limited amount of turkeys so get your order in early.

Free-Range Broad Breasted White Turkey

  • Price indicated is a deposit.  The deposit is used to purchase a poult that will placed in our fields to grow to become a free range turkey.  The deposit will be used towards the final payment of the product.  We sell the turkeys raised on regular feed for $4.25 a pound and turkeys raised on Non-GMO Soy-free feed for $5.25 a pound at time of processing.

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