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Our Cornish Cross chickens live outside, browsing on fresh pasture and bugs in a chicken tractor that is moved daily to allow for fresh pature. This breed is the most remarkable meat-producing chicken because it is a hybrid developed by crossing the commercial Cornish chicken with a White Rock chicken.  The Cornish Cross produce broilers with broad breasts, big thighs, white plumage, and yellow skin.  We think our Cornish Cross chickens are among the finest meat birds and we fill our own family freezers with them every year! 

Free-Range Cornish Cross Broiler

  • Price indicated is a deposit.  The deposit is used to purchase a chicken that will placed in our fields to grow to become a broiler.  The deposit will be used towards the final payment of the product.  We sell the broilers raised on regular feed for $3.50 a pound and broilers raised on Non-GMO Soy-free feed for $4.50 a pound at time of processing.

  • Since items are priced by the pound, your final total will be calculated once the product has been processed and the weight is known. 

    All deposits are non-refundable.

    We accept all major credit/debit cards, checks and cash payments. At the time of placing your first order you will be prompted to add a credit card to your account. Once finalized, your order's total will be sent by invoice to you for final payment.  Once payment is made, you will receive an email for product pickup.

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