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Worth The Wait Farm

A small family farm offering local, ethically raised meats that are delicious, healthy, and free of antibiotics & hormones. We work hard to maintain the highest quality and care of our animals and land so that you get the best tasting products. We are committed to pasturing our animals and giving them all great and healthy lives. We raise free range chicken and turkey. Give it a try and you'll never go back!

We are a small family run farm located in Worthington (Western Massachusetts). We specialize in poultry for meat. We sell our products through pre-ordering which are then raised on the farm's green growing pastures and processed for farm pick-up.

50 River Road, Worthington, MA 01098   |   413-888-0217   

All of our meats are ethically and humanely raised in a non-stressful healthy environment.

Free Range and Pasture Raised

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Farm Visit

At Worth The Wait Farm we welcome visitors.  Click below to see what we have to offer on the farm.

"This was some of the best chicken that I've ever had.”

Andrew Bell

Auburn, MA

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